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Our house is old. I mean really old. Salmon coloured tiles adorn the bottom half of the house’s exterior (like it’s wearing a skirt or something??), the colour palette is a mixture of browns and yellows, and don’t even get me started on the decor of our bathrooms. Screams 1970’s.

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So many clothes, yet nothing to wear. You throw another ill-fitting garment to the ground and gaze around you at your bedroom floor, littered with clothes that are either:

  • Impossible to pair with anything else in your wardrobe;
  • Ill-fitting, making you think: “Ugh” instead of “Yeah!”
  • Dated!

Sound familiar?


For anyone who is currently in a relationship, or has had one fail miserably, how accurate do you find the assumptions made about the sexes in this best seller: Men are from Mars, Women Are From Venus — Together Forever?

First, let’s take a trip back to ‘caveman’ days

Mr Gray (writer man) says that to understand the fundamental…

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Quirky Copywriter & Boho Fashion Influencer | Mama to 2-year-old twins | Freelance Creative Writer.

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