Why we do shit that we know is bad for us

I just had a fuckload of dairy — and I’m dairy intolerant.

Things I love to do that I know are terrible for me:

  1. Drinking up to 4 coffees a day — most of them double shot — giving me heart palpitations when I least expect it. Like the other day, as I was standing at the photo copy machine, minding my own business, copying things. Next minute, heart palpitations.
  2. Eating cheese. And Milk. and anything else falling under the catrgory of delicious ‘dairy’ (intolerant and all)
  3. Mindlessly scrolling Facebook and Instagram looking at random strangers who look like they’re having a way better time at ‘life’ than me
  4. Skipping out on my one and only gym Sesh planned for that week because I just need yet another day of resting.


  • Constantly talking about your problems (your pay off might be that you love the attention you get from others when you do this)
  • The caffeine high that comes each time you down a double shot coffee
  • Having no money to do what you want to do eg: travelling to Bali for a month! This could be a deliberate payoff for someone who has a limiting belief about not feeling good enough or that: “I couldn’t do it anyway”. So you sabotage yourself financially by making sure you can’t afford to go. Ever.
  • Procrastinating can be a pay off that masks a person’s fear or belief that they aren’t good enough.






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